We've Upgraded!

Welcome to our brand new website, it was time for an upgrade!  The fashion industry is always changing and improving and so are we!  Our mission is to always stay up to date with trends so that we can bring you the best in the latest hair design and now we have a beautiful new website to also help us do that.  At Salon 42 we love to pay homage to our past and the history of our craft, when Barbers were also your doctors and hair was an art that took all day.  We honor this by collecting special pieces of hair history that are displayed in each of our three salons and are now honoring it in the same way on our website.....old meets new.....classic meets modern......vintage meets today.  We look forward to always delivering you the best and latest in hair fashion and design while remembering where our passion, love and art for hair came from.  We hope you enjoy your time here on our website and in our salons,  visit us often so we can keep you up to date! ~Tribe 42