Looking for the Perfect Stylist?

We all have that Pinterest board named "hair goals" with hundreds of ideas and dreams of what our hair could look like. But finding a stylist to make those dreams come true can be difficult. From hair salons to barber shops, men and women have had bad experiences and faced the difficulty of finding the stylist that fits them. So how do you find the hairstylist  that fits you and makes those hair goals come true? From social media to googling locations near you, there are so many different ways to find a salon, but how do you know if it is what you are looking for? Here are a few tips to help you find your stylist.


Friends, friends, friends
Your friends are the answer to everything! I truly believe that asking the people around you where they got their hair done is the key to finding the perfect stylist for you! Women especially love to gossip about their hair and how perfect their hair stylist nailed it, so ask away. If you see someone walking down the street and love their hair don’t be afraid to ask where they got their hair done. We all love to brag when we have great hair and love our stylist! Word of mouth could possibly be the answer to finding the perfect hairstylist for you!


Let's be honest.. we all have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so why not put it to work? Social media pages are all the rage right now, take a second to look up a hair salon or hair stylist and see what their work looks like! Majority of stylists have their own hair pages where they love to post their work and the new trends they are trying out. So take a peek at their latest work!


Okay so you have found a stylist who you think fits the profile, but first you should check out his or her reviews! Once again social media is your best friend, check out what previous customers are saying about the stylist and how much they loved or hated it! Yelp is a great tool to check out reviews.  Not only can this app let you see what other people are saying but sometimes the site will give you some insight on the different locations, phone numbers and may even give you a quick preview of what is to be expected!


Happy stylist hunting!!

xoxo Blonde Girl