Bad Hair Day? We Can Help!

Bad Hair Day

We all have those mornings when we wake up, take a look at ourselves in the mirror and see crazy bedhead. Most of us dread having to get back in the shower just to wash our hair to make the frizziness go down, or too get that oily look out of our hair. Here are a few ideas to help solve this crazy hair mornings.




    The most embarrassing thing is having bedhead. When you wake up and your hair is all over the place, frizzy or even looks greasy after you just washed it the night before. Looking at your hair and realizing you are already running late and all you can think about is how you need to get back in the shower just to wash your hair all over again, here is a way to not have to re wash you hair. The cotton candy bun or as most of you know it as a sock bun is a great solution. The cotton candy bun is a simple bun that all you have to do to make it look cute is to tease your pony tail and throw it up into a bun. The best thing about this bun is that it’s suppose to look messy, so now you don’t even have to worry about brushing your hair, Bye bye bedhead.

Oily Hair

    Everyone hates oily hair. Nothing is worse than your hair looking oily, like you never wash it. Nobody wants to walk outside their house with oily hair. A simple way to style your hair when it is oily is a simple braid, whether it’s in the front of your hair with your hair in a low messy bun or even with your hair down. A braid is a simple way to style your hair that makes people not notice the little things. A braid will definitely draw attention to itself and draw attention away from the oily hair.

Flat Hair

    Alright ladies, having naturally straight hair can be a struggle. Always waking up with super flat hair and never having any volume. Everyone loves volume in their hair even if it is the big jersey short teased hair. Anything is better than flat boring hair. A little trick to having flat hair is to always tease your roots. Teasing your roots will give it that volume that you’ve always been looking for. After you tease your roots and spray a little hairspray on it to make it stay, throw a little messy top knot on the top of your head. Nothing is more fun than teased hair and cute bun.

Out- Of- Control- Curls

    “Holy Cow my curls are crazy today!” How many ladies say that everyday when they wake up or after they shower? Curls are always so hard to keep under control. With curls you always seem to have to keep them tame or under control. One way to keep those beautiful curls under control a half up, half down look. You can always either do a cute pony tail up top with a beautiful braid or space buns on each side! Embrace your curls ladies, some people would love to have curly hair!


Xoxo Blonde Girl


Fall Wedding Trends

It's fall y'all!

Yay! It’s almost fall! Beyond all the obvious fall favorites like pumpkin spice, hay rides and perfect scenery- wedding planners, caterers and florist are all collaborating for the upcoming fall wedding season!  From warm colored table clothes to sunflower boutonnieres for the men, check out a few fall trends for the upcoming wedding season!

Fall favorite
Think twice before you buy your vail. Remember that the new bohemian nature flower crowns are the newest fall trend! The flower crowns serve as a romantic halo if you aren't wanting such a traditional veil look! Whether you are looking for fresh fall flowers, twigs and branches, or even fall leaves you can never go wrong with a simple yet beautiful crown on your big day.

A bold touch
Fall wedding makeup is mostly about a statement color. Add a deep cranberry to your lips to make the first kiss a lasting one or you could always add a smoky eye if lipstick isn't your first choice! Either way having a subtle yet bold look can never be wrong during the fall!

Falling for these colors
When trying to pick the perfect colors for your wedding, bridal party dresses or a touch of color for the men's tux, you can never go wrong with simple yet warm colors! From cranberry to a warm orange, these fall favorites are the newest and most loved colors for your upcoming fall wedding.

Happy fall season!

xoxo Blonde Girl

Looking for the Perfect Stylist?

We all have that Pinterest board named "hair goals" with hundreds of ideas and dreams of what our hair could look like. But finding a stylist to make those dreams come true can be difficult. From hair salons to barber shops, men and women have had bad experiences and faced the difficulty of finding the stylist that fits them. So how do you find the hairstylist  that fits you and makes those hair goals come true? From social media to googling locations near you, there are so many different ways to find a salon, but how do you know if it is what you are looking for? Here are a few tips to help you find your stylist.


Friends, friends, friends
Your friends are the answer to everything! I truly believe that asking the people around you where they got their hair done is the key to finding the perfect stylist for you! Women especially love to gossip about their hair and how perfect their hair stylist nailed it, so ask away. If you see someone walking down the street and love their hair don’t be afraid to ask where they got their hair done. We all love to brag when we have great hair and love our stylist! Word of mouth could possibly be the answer to finding the perfect hairstylist for you!


Let's be honest.. we all have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so why not put it to work? Social media pages are all the rage right now, take a second to look up a hair salon or hair stylist and see what their work looks like! Majority of stylists have their own hair pages where they love to post their work and the new trends they are trying out. So take a peek at their latest work!


Okay so you have found a stylist who you think fits the profile, but first you should check out his or her reviews! Once again social media is your best friend, check out what previous customers are saying about the stylist and how much they loved or hated it! Yelp is a great tool to check out reviews.  Not only can this app let you see what other people are saying but sometimes the site will give you some insight on the different locations, phone numbers and may even give you a quick preview of what is to be expected!


Happy stylist hunting!!

xoxo Blonde Girl

Salon 42 Hair Academy is Opening!!!!!

Dreams do come true.......Salon 42 Hair Academy is opening January 2017! After years of hard work and blood, sweat and tears, our Academy is opening in January of 2017!  We are so excited to be able to offer a higher level of education to students looking to obtain their Cosmetology License.  Enrollment will be opening soon so help us spread the word.  For more information email We can't wait to celebrate with all of you!

We've Upgraded!

Welcome to our brand new website, it was time for an upgrade!  The fashion industry is always changing and improving and so are we!  Our mission is to always stay up to date with trends so that we can bring you the best in the latest hair design and now we have a beautiful new website to also help us do that.  At Salon 42 we love to pay homage to our past and the history of our craft, when Barbers were also your doctors and hair was an art that took all day.  We honor this by collecting special pieces of hair history that are displayed in each of our three salons and are now honoring it in the same way on our website.....old meets new.....classic meets modern......vintage meets today.  We look forward to always delivering you the best and latest in hair fashion and design while remembering where our passion, love and art for hair came from.  We hope you enjoy your time here on our website and in our salons,  visit us often so we can keep you up to date! ~Tribe 42